Bureau of Reclamation Installs Hydro-OpticTM UV System for Mussel Control at Davis Dam

Hydroelectric & Cooling Water

Davis Dam is a hydroelectric facility with a nameplate capacity of approximately 250 megawatts that is managed by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Lower Colorado Dam Office. Following the spread of quagga mussels to Lake Mead, Reclamation began a feasibility study in 2007 to identify control options that could protect their facilities (Hoover, Davis, and Parker Dams) while having little to no environmental or ecological impact. This location was chosen as the research facility to evaluate the Hydro-OpticTM (HOD) UV treatment system versus traditional medium pressure UV. Following the evaluation of various chemical and non- chemical control methodologies, the Hydro-OpticTM (HOD) UV treatment system was selected as the preferred treatment to supplement operational and mechanical activities already in place at Davis Dam.

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