Texas Fish Hatchery Treats Toxic Golden Alga with Hydro-Optic Ultraviolet Disinfection

Fish Protection

Fish production at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Dundee Fish Hatchery was adversely affected by massive fish kills from P. parvum (golden alga/GA) , and source water for two TPWD freshwater hatcheries was problematic for fish rearing and fingerling production. After implementing ozone treatment for GA control at one of its hatcheries, TPWD found that a great deal of care was needed to eliminate the residual ozone from the treated stream. In 2018, TPWD undertook a bench scale test of Atlantium’s Hydro-OpticTM (HOD) UV technology to determine effective UV doses to eliminate GA cells and toxicity. The trials were followed by a pilot study at the Dundee State Fish Hatchery to evaluate the efficacy of the HOD UV technology to manage toxic GA blooms in situ. The study demonstrated the ability of the HOD UV technology to address GA HABs without producing residual disinfectant.

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